1 * Read the text below and mark the answers T (true), F (false) or DS (doesn\'t say). Leeds Kirkgate Market Leeds Kirkgate Market is on Vicar Avenue in the centre of Leeds, England. It is a very large covered market. It has got 800 stals selling everything from food to household objects. Over 100,000 people visit the market every week When the market opened in 1822, it was an open-air market. In 1850, they started to cover it In 1875, they finished the construction and the market had an indoor and an outdoor shopping area. Another interesting fact about this market is that it is the original location of a very popular department store, Marks and Spencer. Michael Marks opened a penny bazaar in the outdoor market in 1884 and it is still open today. So, when you visit Leeds, make sure you make the Leeds Kirkgate Market one of your stops. You are going to find some good bargains and have a great shopping day! 1 Leeds Kirkgate Market is in the centre of Leeds. 2 The market has only got food stalls. 3 More than 100,000 people go to the market weekly. 4 Leeds Kirkgate Market was the first covered market in Europe. 5 The covered market opened in 1822. 6 In 1875, the market had two shopping areas. 7 The outdoor shopping area wasn\'t popular at first. помогите дам много баллов ​
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