FIRST CONDITIONAL - REAL POSSIBILITY O IF CONDITION PRESENT SIMPLE she studies hard, RESULT WILL/WON\'T+BASE VERB she will pass the exam. If IF CONDITION RESULT WILL/WON\'T+BASE VERB She will pass the exam PRESENT SIMPLE if she studies hard. We use the first conditional when there is a real possibility that this condition will happen in the future. Remember the S for the 3rd person singular (present simple). If it rains, I won\'t go to the beach. Exercise Write the verbs in brackets. Use the first conditional. 1-1 (stay) at home if it (rain) this afternoon. 2- If my brother (go) abroad, 1 (be) very worried. 3- You (not earn) enough money if you (not work) more hours. 4- Melissa (can) to go out later if she (not finish) her homework 5-If I (go) to the supermarket later, (buy) some tomatoes. 6-Peter (get) wet if he (not take) an umbrella. 7- If I (find) the book you lent me, (give) it back to you. 8-They _(be) angry if we (not visit) them next Saturday. We promised to go. 9-What (happen) if you (not go) to work tomorrow? 10-Many workers (lose) their jobs if that factory (close) down. 11-1 (not buy) a bigger house if I (not get ) promoted at work. 12-If he (not finish) the vegetables, he (not have) a dessert. 13-My uncle (can) to go to the opera if he (remember) to get the tickets. 14- If you (not put) sugar in your coffee, it (not taste) nice. 15-Sandra, if you (not hurry up), you (be) late for the meeting. 16-Cristopher (be) so happy if he (find) the money he lost. 17-Your motorbike (not break down) if the mechanic (check) it. 18-If you (not take) an aspirin, your headache (not disappear).​
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1. I'll stay at home if it rains this afternoon.

2. If my brother goes abroad, I'll be very worried.

3. You won't earn enough money if you don't work more hours.

4. Melissa can't go out later if she doesn't finish her homework.

5. If I go to the supermarket later, I'll buy some tomatoes.

6. Peter will get wet if he doesn't take an umbrella.

7. If I find the book you lent me, I'll give it back to you.

8. They'll be angry if we don't visit them next Saturday. We promised to go.

9. What will happen if you don't go to work tomorrow?

10. Many workers will lose their jobs if that factory closes down.

11. I won't buy a bigger house if I don't get promoted at work.

12. If he doesn't finish the vegetables, he won't have a dessert.

13. My uncle can go to the opera if he remembers to get the tickets.

14. If you don't put sugar in your coffee, it won't taste nice.

15. Sandra, if you don't hurry up, you'll be late for the meeting.

16. Cristopher will be​ so happy if he finds the money he lost.

17. Your motorbike won't break down if the mechanic checks it.

18. If you don't take an aspirin, your headache won't disappear.​


Conditional I:

  • if → Present Simple (I / you / we / they → V) → , → will (not) V;
  • if → Present Simple (he / she / it → Vs) → , → will (not) V;
  • will (not) V → if → Present Simple;
  • if → Present Simple → , → can V (без «to»).

! Обратите внимание: «will» в главном предложении может сокращаться до «'ll», только если подлежащее — местоимение.

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