Найдите ошибки и исправьте их.
1. London population not increased from 1955 to 1988.
2. It’s hot in the room. I think I am going to open the window.
3. Mary writes a letter when I came at her house.
4. I would come if you ask me.
5. David would like going to Paris when he finishes school.
6. I’ll phone you when I will finish the work.
7. John hasn’t seen us for last year.
8. By the time the police arrived the burglars escaped.
9. Both of them is from Spain.
10. I drank coffee when the telephone rang.
11. Andrew has sent three telegrams to his brother before he got the answer.
12. Where have you been? I have waited for you for half an hour.
13. He didn’t know why didn’t they come.
14. Look out! The wall will fall down.
15. We are going swimming on Sunday.
16. I am living here since six years.
17. The money was stole by a thief.

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